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About Bahamut Dawn Creations

Bahamut Dawn Creations dream was born late 2013, shortly after Michy's mother's passing. It started out as a hobby/on the side business with 2d prints, 2d mediums and clay jewellery. In 2017 Michy decided to push for the business to be a full time gig and achieved that goal. In 2018, Jeff joined full time and now it's a 2 person, husband/wife team business!

From nerdy clothing, to convention friendly props; Bahamut Dawn Creations have a large range of talents, equipment and specialties. Having 3d printers, CNC machine, cutters, printers and other devices/materials on site to create a whole lot of different items!

Both Michy and Jeff take commissions regularly in all aspects of this page including but not limited too: clothing, props, stickers, plushies, accessories, jewellery, 2d art and more!

Jeff - Is a multi talented problem solver, loving a challenge and learned how to 3d model and use 3d printers in a roughly a year. He continues to expand his talents and range not only with the 3d printers, resin printer, CNC machine but sandblast art and carved wooden art too! Having a background in electrical and carpentry have given Jeff skills/talents to build up on managing to even make some props commissioned glow!

Michy - Is a jill of all trades when it comes to art! Having gone to school for Game Development and worked in the game/movie industry, Michy has expanded her 2d and 3d talents into her business! Whether it's sewing a plush, drawing some art, designing some clothing or 3d modeling jewellery, Michy is ever growing and expanding her knowledge base and talents. 

The origin of the business name:

Bahamut - comes from the name of a mythological dragon but more commonly associated with dragons from the video game series "final fantasy" or table top gaming "dungeons and dragons". A nerdy start to a business name!


Dawn - comes from Michy's mother's name who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly early 2013. A fitting middle and heart for a business name that came from the most passionate, caring, supportive parent a nerdy kid could ask for! 


Creations - the art of creating or term "creations" has no limits just like this business has no limits to what the two can create!


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