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Chocobo Chick Plush | Final Fantasy VII Remake | Medium Size

Chocobo Chick Plush | Final Fantasy VII Remake | Medium Size

Very cute handmade chocobo plushies loosely based on the "chocobo chick" summon in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. You pick the colour! 

They are handmade everytime and may look slightly different then photos. 

They have little bean pouches inside to prop them up but may not stand freely on their own. May need to lean as again they are all individually made and not factory produced.

Very lightly referenced pattern by chloyknight (modified and adjusted) 

  • Size of Plush

    These are the "medium" chocobo plush so they measure about 10" tall give or take! (12" from tip of top head feather to base)

  • Materials

    Medium chocobos are made out of:

    • minky cuddle fabric (soft, fuzzy and cuddly!)
    • fleece for their beaks 
    • doll safe plastic eyes in brown 
    • polyester stuffing inside 
    • polyester plastic beads on the inside of a pouch to keep it standing up somewhat 
  • Handmade clause

    These plushies are handmade in nature and although we follow the same pattern may differ in shape, size (slightly) and appearance than the photos. They almost end up one of a kind, as no two chocobos are 100% alike. 

    They are sewn by hand or with a small sewing machine with lots of care and love! Please respect the handmade nature, they are not factory mass produced and may have slight differences.

    They are made in a pet friendly home. If you have allergies please specify before buying, thank you!

  • If ordered with other items

    If chocobo's are ordered along side the following they'll be shipped together to reduce shipping costs:

    • prop kits
    • stickers, charms, pins
    • in stock clothing
    • necklaces/pendants
    • earrings/ rings 
    • other plushies


    If chocobo's are ordered with made to order clothing they have the option to be shipped together (paying the chocobo shipping price) or shipped separately (as made to order clothing are shipped right from the manufacturer) 

  • Made to order

    All chocobos are made to order and can take 3-5 weeks to make and ship! each one is handmade with care and not rushed, so please give it ample time to arrive! 

  • not intended for children

    Plushies are handmade and not intended for children under 10 or children who will rough play, tug or otherwise rough house with the plush. The wings can rip off if not careful along with the head feathers and tail so please be VERY gentle or keep them as display plushies only

  • Washing instructions

    Spot clean only.
    DO NOT put in the washing machine as they are handmade and could come apart. They are not water safe and should be spot cleaned only.

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