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Hex Girl's Thorn Prop Guitar - For Emily

Hex Girl's Thorn Prop Guitar - For Emily

For a fully finished hex girl thorn's guitar prop, made to be guitar sized with added features of real guitar strings, real guitar pegs or similar looking pegs and an adjustable guitar strap. 

Price breakdown:
- 125$ cdn/100$ usd is for shipping 
- 405$ cdn/300$ usd is for the prop itself 

Please read additional info section for our terms and policies along the prop. 

  • Prop Commission Deadline and Start Dates

    As there was no firm in hand deadline needed for this year, we have put a firm deadline that you will receive your Thorn prop guitar within 2021.

    Those Deadlines Are:

    End of june, 2021 - Soft Deadline
    - we will aim for this deadline first and keep you posted. If unexpected delays should arise due to the pandemic or other circumstances, The following deadline  below is firm. We will keep you up to date, and let you know early June at the very latest if it's not reachable/managable and keep you well informed. 

    By End of september 2021 - Firm Deadline
    - This is the firm deadline. We will not miss this deadline. If something happens severely and we do you may choose to have a full refund at this time no questions asked, or a partial if a new deadline is presented and agreed upon. 

    This is the only condition where a full refund can be given after payment is received and that's if we miss the firm deadline. 

    Start dates:

    - We aim to start your commission early june 2021, for the soft deadline of end of june 2021. If something happens and we need to push back to the firm date, we will keep you posted/informed early june. 

    - Sooner may happen as you've paid in full ahead of time, however it's not guaranteed due to our prior committments with other commissions needed sooner. 

  • Payment Terms and Conditions

    - 50% of the total payment (less shipping) is non refundable at receival of payment in full. This is because 50% (157$ usd or 202.50$ cdn) is for materials and we gather them the second it's paid to prevent delays of when we start. (unless we miss the firm deadline)

    - Client may cancel their commission anytime after payment for any reason but before start date (early june 2021 or sooner.) to receive shipping payment of 100$ usd/125$ cdn back as well as 50% of the commission total (202.50$ cdn /157$ usd). 50% of the prop commission price will not be refunded if cancellation happens due to using that payment for materials.

    - start date may end up sooner then early june 2021, it depends on how our other commissions go and timeframe there. Once we tell you we are starting your commission, that's when your start date is and cancellation will not be accepted past that date (unless we miss the firm deadline of end of september 2021 for ship by date. 

    - Client has been given a soft deadline and a firm deadline. A firm is a guaranteed no later shipped by then end of September 2021. The soft deadline is what we aim for but may be adjusted due to circumstances outside our control. Typically this means pandemic related and is a new clause we added to give leway should things happen. However, we will still be in contact with you to keep you up to date. 


  • Prop Upkeep and General Tips

    This is for a prop guitar and not a real functioning guitar. Please keep in mind that this is fake and made out of plastic and to take care of it. 

    - Paint may scratch and chip over time: this is just the general wear and tear on props that occurs for continual use. We will provide client with what paints we used so that they can touch it up as they go when necessary. 

    - Please be careful! While this is plastic it can still break if you're not handling it safely. Try not to bang it or leave it in cold/damp places. We 3d print in pieces and seal it together as best we can, but if the prop is kept somewhere where temperature isn't regulated plastic can slightly shrink and expand causing these gaps we seal to be exposed. Keep all of this in mind and try and keep your prop in a regularly temperature controlled location. (like a bedroom, or main room not a basement) 

    - Client can come to us for tips on how to fix, paint, or otherwise maintain their prop whenever they want so long as it's specific about the prop they bought from us; in this case, thorn's prop guitar. (if you're looking for advice on making props, or tips on fixing other props you might have gotten elsewhere, join our patreon where we teach/give advice at the gilgamesh tier level).

    - If you need details for a convention let them know it's made out of PLA plastic  and that if used as any kind of weapon (example: hitting someone with it) it'll break into sections. It's not designed to be used as a weapon at all. (We realize some weapons prop checks at conventions are stricter then others so added this clause for more detail just in case it's needed for explanation). This is also why you need to be careful and not bang it around, it's a prop after all!


  • Shipping information

    Shipping has been paid in full ahead of time to avoid any delay. If shipping ends up cheaper then we quoted, we will give a partial refund (on shipping only) for the difference in price. 

    - We will insure your prop for its value when we ship it and are not responsible for any custom fees you may incur on receival of your package. This is your countries taxes and not at all responsible by us the seller.

    - If the prop arrives damaged (we hope it doesn't but we have this here just in case!): Please take photos of the box in it's current state as well as take clear photos of where it broke and send them back within 72 hours of receiving your prop. This is because we need to file a claim right away. Any breaking in shipping is the couriers responsibility and why we insure our props for the proper amount should there be any issues with transit. It's extremely important you get back to us within 72 hours of receiving your prop to let us know if it's damaged in any way so that if a claim is necessary, we can file it and have a much better chance on winning. 

    - Depending on the level of damage will determine if a new prop needs to be remade, or if just fixes will be needed. We will discuss options further with you should this happen.

    - If the prop shows up perfectly fine then still please tell us when you receive it so we know you got it okay! 

    Shipping times:

    - We are not responsible for shipping times. Delays can happen especially now during a worldwide pandemic. We will provide tracking so you will be able to monitor your package. Delays could also occur for customs/inspection so please give ample time for your prop to arrive! 

    - if after 4 weeks from the date it shipped you still haven't received your prop, let us know and we'll file an investigation into it. 

    - We are not responsible for delays or damages caused in transit. However, we will file a claim and why we insure props for close too or the full amount. The claims process can take some time so please be patient with us! We'll do everything we can for you, don't worry

  • Final Terms

    - By paying for this product in full you agree to all details laid out above/contained within the listing including timeframe, deadlines, upkeep, shipping, payment terms and more.

    - You agree to contact us first if you have any concerns and we agree to respond within 1-7 bussiness days of any message we receive from you. Communication is key. 

    - We may not message unless we have updates though; please do not take silence as a negative. We do have other commissions due sooner and may be silent during those periods. However, we will always reply to you. If for some reason we don't send a follow up message, we've never missed a follow up message. 

    - you can email us at as well should you have any concerns if FB messenger is being fickle. We tend to be more responsive with emails. 

    - We are excited to work with you, appreciate your support during difficult times of our small business and value you as a client! 

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