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Ring of Lucii | Final Fantasy 15 FFXV | Plastic Version Only

Ring of Lucii | Final Fantasy 15 FFXV | Plastic Version Only

The fated ring of the lucii, only those who are worthy may wield it!

This is a plastic version of the ring only. It's printed in black plastic with the gold part painted on and the gem glued into place. 

3d modeled/made entirely by us. We are actually the original ring of lucii ring creators (besides square enix themselves) and tried to match the design as closely to the ring in game as possible. We are not open to altering the rings design at this point.

The 3d model is not available for purchase.
This is strictly sold for personal use or cosplay only. 

  • Sizing guide

    PLEASE visit a jewellery store or pawn shop to get properly measured for your ring size. Do not use random guides online on how to do it yourself as it will not be accurate. 

    Sizing is based on US ring sizers; when in doubt, contact me first to figure out ring size

    I am not responsible for your ring's fit

  • Hand painted

    These rings are handpainted and thus if you wear it for continued use, the paint will wear, chip or disappear over time due to the acid in your fingers. This is inevitable. 

    I use gold enamel model paint for the inside portion of the ring, if you'd like a link to buy a jar to touch it up, I can provide it on request 

    Gem is a swarovski crystal glued into place. It could pop out over use. 

    The ring is printed in black, so the black portion should not need touch ups except for the back of the gem on the inside, only the gold. 

  • Intended use

    This is intended for cosplay or very casual wear only. As it's plastic and there are tiny bits it can break if you're not careful. Please be extra careful when wearing your ring!

  • If Ordered With Other Items

    if jewellery are ordered along side the following they'll be shipped together to reduce shipping costs:

    • prop kits
    • stickers, charms, pins
    • in stock clothing
    • necklaces/pendants
    • earrings/ rings 
    • plushies


    If jewellery are ordered with made to order clothing they will be shipped separately as made to order clothing is shipped straight from the manufacturer to reduce ship time and ship costs. 

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