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Basic Shipping Info

With the estore portion I was limited to what I could set up for shipping profiles. See below for the various item types I have and where they are shipping from, estimated processing/ship times and any questions please contact me!

Fed Ex upgraded shipping is available for all made to order clothing but you must contact me first to get it, it's not able to be selected when selecting shipping. 

Any item destined for outside Canada or the USA that isn't made to order clothing, shipping defaults high especially for props. Please contact us for a proper shipping quote if you are outside Canada or the USA or you will be overcharged. 

Tracking - important! Tracking numbers only come with in stock clothing,  plushies, expensive jewellery (metals), prop kits and props for WITHIN CANADA OR THE USA ONLY. Shipping does not include tracking anywhere else in the world for those items.

If you live outside Canada or the USA please contact us before ordering anything to calculate shipping properly. 

Made to order clothing ships anywhere in the world and includes tracking 

Non tracked items - by default are stickers, charms, pins, and small inexpensive (non metal) jewellery even to canada or the USA. If you want tracking, contact us first before you order!

Shipping locations:

  • Clothing made to order - Hong Kong, China - directly from our manufacturer (Currently China EMS)

  • All other items including in stock clothing, props, charms, stickers and more - Ontario, Canada - directly from us 

Estimated Shipping Times for:

PANDEMIC CLAUSE UPDATE: please note that the below time frames are all within "normal" conditions, as we are currently experiencing a pandemic and shipping is slow/eratic longer times may apply. If you're worried when your item will arrive, contact us first.


Made to order Clothing

  • processing time after 48 hour window for cancellation to make items - 3-6 weeks. 

  • processing time after 48 hour window for cancellation to make items Fed Ex shipping - 1-3 weeks 

  • Regular tracked shipping times - varies from country to country but roughly 3-8 weeks after it ships

  • Regular fed exshipping times - varies from country to country but roughly 5-10 business days.

Clothing in stock/stickers/charms/anything in stock

  • processing time after 24 hour window for cancellation - 0 - item already made. Will ship items within 1-3 weeks that are in stock.

  • Regular untracked shipping times - varies from country to country but roughly 2-10 weeks. sometimes longer for further locations like Australia

  • Regular tracked shipping times - varies from country to country but anywhere from 1-3 weeks, to 2-7 weeks

Prop kits (already 3d modeled ones)

  • processing time after 48 hour window for cancellation to make items - 4-8 weeks

  • Regular untracked shipping times - varies from country to country but roughly 2-10 weeks. sometimes longer for further locations like Australia

  • Regular tracked shipping times - varies from country to country but anywhere from 1-3 weeks, to 2-7 weeks

prop kit commissions/plush commissions/prop commissions/commissions in general

  • You will be given a deadline and timeframe your item will be made and shipped by and a rough guide then as it varies between difficulty of item, location, etc too greatly. 


  • Clothing - sealed in a reusable plastic bag, or plastic bag and poly mailer

  • stickers - in a plastic bag sandwiched between tow pieces of cardstock and shipped in a polymailer

  • charms/pins - in a plastic bag sandwiched between tow pieces of cardstock and shipped in a bubblemailer

  • earrings/rings/small jewellery - in a jewellery box shipped in a bubblemailer

  • plushies - loosely put into a bag and shipped in a polymailer

  • props and prop kits - in a box generally stuffed with paper, or foam or something with protection

Shipping Damages:

  1. please contact us within 72 hours of receiving your item if your product arrived damaged. 

  2. please take photos of it and explain the situation 

  3. Depending on the circumstance we will file a claim with the shipping company and need to do so right away. It's extremely important that 72 hour delivered window. 

  4. After 72 hours of it being delivered it is considered in your care and your responsibility please be careful!  


  • We are not responsible for custom delays, package held at customs, or any custom fees you may need to pay on your order. This is your countries taxes and only applicable on our made to order clothing, or everything else we make our international non canadian orders.

  • Made to order clothing ships directly from our manufacturer for the cheapest/fastest mode of shipping: however that means anyone ordering outside of china/hong kong are subject to the potential of paying customs on it. This only applies to made to order clothing, all other items are shipped from us in Canada, and only canadians will not have the potential of having to pay customs for those orders

  • We do not accept cancellations,returns or refunds on items that are held by customs or customs was not paid on them and sent back. Often times these items end up abandoned as we would end up paying your customs bill + a return fee just to receive it back. Any items returned too us due to unpaid custom fees or unclaimed packages will be abandoned and you will have to repurchase at full price to have us make it or ship it again. PLEASE insure you pay your customs on your orders if applicable or that you have given the right address.


IMPORTANT INFO ON EU and UK ORDERS: We will be accepting EU/UK orders still but WILL NOT BE COLLECTING VAT. You will most likely need to pay VAT upon delivery potentially. We are not responsible for items being returned to us if you do not pay VAT yourself and will not refund as a result. If the items are returned to us for US not collecting VAT (it actually has to say that on the package) then we will refund minus shipping so long as the item is intact. But again, we are not responsible for this.

All EU/UK buyers assume responsibility for the package and we have no way to charge additional money using this estore method. If you are UK you can head to etsy and buy from us there where VAT is properly charged on purchase and collected. If you are EU though, you can only buy from us here and assume you may need to pay VAT yourself when you receive your package.

This does not apply to Stickers as they are sent lettermail. You may also ask that your charms be sent via lettermail as well prior to order.  

VAT law return policy (only applicable to EU buyers)

The following items are considered custom and cannot be returned for the 15 day money back guarantee:

  • made to order clothing (any clothing NOT in stock) 

  • custom prop commissions

  • prop kits

  • plushies or handmade accessories such as earrings, scarves, necklaces, bracelets, etc 

  • anything custom 

The following can be returned for a refund excluding shipping provided we are contacted FIRST within 15 days of receiving it AND it being returned in working/not damaged condition (we will require photos and will not refund until product is back in hand and inspected not to be damaged):

  • stickers

  • charms 

  • pins 

  • in stock clothing (when in doubt, ask. 90% of our clothing is made to order and we are looking to eliminate most of our stock so chances are it's probably made to order unless it says in the listing in bold letters IN STOCK)

Cancellation policy:

  • Clothing made to order - 48 hours after purchase 

  • All other items including in stock clothing, prop kits, charms, stickers and more - 24 hours after purchase

Items that cannot be cancelled once purchased/paid for

  • anything commissioned - prop kits, commissioned clothing, commissioned plushies, props, prop kits etc

  • Fed Ex upgraded - made to order clothing (it's extremely important you say your deadline before you buy as these get processed right away)

Address - we are not responsible for incorrect addresses so make sure your address is correct upon checkout! Any items lost, returned to us, etc due to the address being incorrect that is not our fault, you may need to repay shipping or repurchase the item with the correct address depending on circumstances


  • We DO NOT GUARANTEE your items will arrive unless you contact us with your deadline BEFORE you order. If We tell you it won't arrive or probably won't or may not and you still order, you assume responsibility. You also assume responsibility if you order without telling us your deadline first if it won't arrive.

  • If you tell us of a deadline during check out or after your order and we cannot reach it, you may not cancel for a refund so please please contact us if you have a deadline! Do not assume something will arrive in time, contact us first!

Return/exchange policy (everyone but EU)

  • We do not accept returns on any of our items

  • clothing may not be returned/exchanged for if the size/item doesn't fit. It's extremely important you read the size chart carefully and when in doubt, ask us!

  • charms/pins/stickers may be shipped back for an exchange provided buyer pays for the return shipping and the shipping the new item back AND buyer contacts us first. They can only be exchanged for equal value items and must arrive/be not damaged/broken. 

 When in doubt please contact us ahead of time for any questions or concerns! We also do not accept refunds/returns/exchanges due to missing deadlines we were not informed about first. Keep this in mind. 

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