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Available STL files to 3D Print yourself!

Please note:

  • STL files come in one size and states on the listing the size it is

  • STL files are not allowed to be taken and used for commercial purposes (even if you're only charging what the materials cost to print it: if you're printing it to sell to someone, finish a prop and then sell, etc. that is not allowed and against the terms of use.)

  • Please contact us and work out a financial agreement if you want to use the STL to print/finish for any kind of profit or commercial use. Unless we come to an agreement, it is not allowed.

  • STL files themselves are not allowed to be re-sold or taken to another 3d printer to print for cost (we will do that for you, so please purchase our prop kits!); you may only take the STL file to have someone else print it if they do so for free

  • STL files are meant for you to take and print at home for your own personal use, keep this in mind

  • All STL files have been tested to work before selling them on our own 3d printers 

  • All STL files will state what printer bed size we used to print it. If your printer bed size is too small then what is listed, you may be unable to print the files!

  • If you are having issues printing your files you can contact us: however, we will not walk you through how to set up your machines/etc. this is something you should already know (we may offer paid tutorials or tutorials on how to setup your machines in the future, but currently are not obligated to help if you purchase an STL file from us in that regard)

  • You may not re-post the STL file anywhere for someone to download for free 

  • We love seeing photos of your printed or finished product so feel free to show us!

  • If you post the printed version anywhere online, you must give us credit for the file (or tag us for credit if it's on Instagram or Facebook) 

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