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Looking to contact us?

Our Office Hours:

Monday - Friday - 10am - 7pm EDT. (may fluctuate )

* we may not reply on weekends or holidays.
** During convention weekends or busy points we may be slow to reply the week before and the week after so be sure to check our convention schedule on the top tab to see when those dates are!

We can be reached by:

  • filling out the contact form below or any of the other contact forms on our page

  • emailing 

  • Visiting our booth/table at the conventions we are attending in our convention schedule list

  • contacting us on our bahamut dawn creations etsy page or our bdcprops etsy page!

  • contacting us on our facebook business page or instagram page

Please only fill out the form/email us for the following:

  • questions about our items or further details on commissions/items

  • inquiring about a collab, supplying us with cheaper cosplay making supplies, etc 

  • Telling us a deadline and asking if we can reach it as well as letting us know which items you'd require for it

  • questions related to our sticker service, commissions, etc 

  • Anything to do with a recent order you placed (please give your order number/where you ordered from - if at a convention specify which convention and your name given)

  • items you'd love to see us make (while we appreciate requests only full on commissioning us will guarantee it gets created. Just because you suggested it too us does not mean it's "yours" and in no way are required to compensate you)

Contact us for questions/concerns etc

Thanks for contacting us!
Our office hours is mon-fri 10am - 7pm EDT.
We may not reply on weekends or holidays
please give us 3-10 business days to get back to you before sending any follow ups!

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