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We offer a print and cut sticker service for artists, by artists!
We have been running this service since 2017, but now have a convenient website to make it all easier!

What does this mean?

We have two high end printers and two cutters on site as well as all materials we need to print, cut and ship your stickers right here!


We offer two mediums:

Vinyl - Vinyl is a thicker material and offer both in a glossy or matte finish type! Vinyl is not waterproof and is mildly water/weather resistant. Vinyl is restickable on most smooth surfaces.

Specialty Vinyl - We now stock specialty vinyl which is hologram rainbow, silver foil and gold foil. These materials are restickable on smooth surfaces, waterproof and shiny! Available to order after October 1st, 2020. Will also be included in sample packs after that date as well!

Weatherproof - Weatherproof is a thinner material (you'd swear it's paper, but it isn't!) and offer both in a glossy or matte finish type! (the glossy almost has a pearl shiny look too it!). It is much more water resistant and weatherproof then vinyl. Weatherproof is restickable on most smooth surfaces. Can also be used outdoors.

Disclaimer: We have about 400 sheets left of our thicker glossy vinyl that isn't waterproof, and about 100 sheets left of our matte vinyl that isn't waterproof. Once these are used up we will be switching to a thinner glossy vinyl material that is waterproof, and a similar thickness matte vinyl that is waterproof. We will then discontinue stocking the weatherproof option as the new material will cover both categories.


Rainbow Hologram Vinyl


Gold foil Vinyl


Silver foil Vinyl

We do not charge by the sticker but rather by the sheet! We use 8.5x11" sheets of material to cut stickers out on (slightly smaller when considering the margins) and whatever fits on a sheet is how many stickers you get per sheet! 

An easy way to estimate how many sheets you’ll need is to make an 8.5x11” template on your drawing program of choice and arrange your stickers on it at your desired size per sticker. Keep in mind your design will need a cutline, so make sure your sticker is slightly bigger than required for cutline purposes. As long as none of your stickers are touching, that’s how many (roughly) will fit!

We also offer a template for PSD (photoshop) on how to set up your sticker sheets after you send in the initial quote, so don't worry too much on how many you need right now. 

Die cut
Kiss cut

Sticker sheets are 5.65$ cdn each

Stickers can be either:
Die cut - 
Sticker is cut all the way out of the sheet as an individual sticker in whatever shape/pattern you want. 

Kiss cut - Sticker remains on the sheet and is lightly cut so that you can peel and stick (great for sticker sheets, or those looking to sell by the sheet instead of by the individual sticker) 

Kiss cut clause - Kiss cut ts great for sticker sheets, however, if you're getting full colour background kiss cut sheets (ie: the background of the sheet is also in colour not just the stickers on it) this takes more ink and thus we have to charge an extra 1.25$ cdn to cover the extra ink costs. 

Holofilm Lamination - Only for Die cut stickers. This is an extra 1.75$ cdn a sheet and the glitter laminate overlay we have in stock generally is: starry stars, lots of dots, cracked ice, prism, circles and hearts!

Examples of the holofilm overlay on die cut stickers are below:

Lots of dots
cracked ice

We now offer Sample packs!

Just pay the shipping and you will receive a sample pack containing our 2 material types (vinyl and waterproof), each with a glossy and matte finish (so 4 samples in total). Sample pack will also include now 1 hologram, silver and gold vinyl sample as well. You’ll also receive a small square of each of our holofilm glitter lamination types!

Can be shipped:

  • lettermail - untracked, cheaper but does not come insurance.

  • parcel - tracked, more expensive but comes with insurance.

Payment & Shipping info:

Payment - Etransfer/EMT or Paypal, both come with invoices! We also accept partial payment in person upon pick up in cash, debit or credit provided you are using the free delivery option on orders over 150$ cdn. You still have to pay at least half though by the above methods first.

We require 100% of the total upfront if the total of stickers (not including shipping) is 100$ cdn or less. Anything over that requires at least 50% upfront non refundable, and 50% once files have been sent to us and approved to be print and cut. Once total amount is paid, it remains non refundable for any cancellation reason. 

Shipping - On orders of 10 sheets or less we can ship your order as untracked lettermail. However, we are not responsible for lost or damaged orders, nor slow shipping/receiving times.

We can also ship with tracking which comes with insurance, a tracking number and more protection to help prevent damages. 

Free Delivery Option- We offer free delivery to conventions we are attending or free pick ups in Kingston or Perth ontario. Please check our convention schedule or ask us for our availability on that. We mostly do Canadian conventions at this time but will be looking to branch out to the odd USA or international con in the future. Best to ask!

If you're interested and would like to inquire further, please fill out the form below and submit it! We have assisted over 100 artists with our service since 2017!

Or email us at 

Sticker Form to Fill out

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to your quote inquiry within 3-7 business days!

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