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Sailor Scouts Hoodies

Modeling Our Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars Hoodies

Want To Model? Then read all of this first!

Thank you for showing interest in wanting to model our apparel! We love showing how or clothes look on human bodies as opposed to mannequins or preview images!

 Some key points to remember before proceeding:

  • We do not give clothing for free unless it's a special giveaway or the "model only" giveaway that takes place every July so long as we've had at least 3 models within the year! So if you're here to get free product, we're sorry that won't be the case!

  • Even if an item you buy says "model open" you must mention you're looking to model it in your comments on check out or prior to buying it in order to be considered!

  • We do not discriminate against ethnicity, body size, gender, etc ALL ARE WELCOME.  <3 

  • You will have to pay for your items in advance and only after successfully sending us photos will we initiate the Model discount of 15% (excluding shipping). 

  • If you want to donate your photos in our garments for free, and not require a 15% refund back, you can do that also and it's much appreciated <3 As a token of our thanks it'll give you an extra name in our free clothing giveaway for models in July increasing your chances for being so nice! 

Let's get into the details! 


Model Rin
In our Rikku FF10 Dress

How does it work?

  • you message us the items you're interested in modeling either before your order, or on your order comments (make sure they say "model open" in the description or tag ribbon on the listing)

  • You purchase the item you want to model , either off our estores or through PMing us at full price.

  • We create it and ship it too you like normal.

  • You receive it, and if you take nice photos in the product and send us the photos back (within 6 months of receiving your item as I know some people like to plan photoshoots at cons and stuff) we will REFUND YOUR PURCHASE by 15% (excluding shipping).

  • This only applies for the first one or two people to send us photos back right away. (for now, this may change in the future). The sooner you can get those nice photos back to us, the sooner we can apply your discount and have you qualify.

  • If you have a fancy photoshoot planned, please contact us right away after receiving with the details. On special cases we can “hold a model spot” for you but only if we are contacted and discuss this with you ahead of time! (we want to reward individuals who want to get the nicest photos for us somehow!)

  • Anyone can partake from all parts of the world! USA, Canada, UK, japan, australia, etc etc.

  • No other restrictions at all on models. (so long as there’s nothing illegal or anything going on in the photo.)

The Perks

  • Models who qualify or who successfully send us back photos within 6 months will receive 15% back as a partial refund (excluding shipping costs. Some shipping costs are built into the price already so if you want to know the exact amount you'll get back, contact us first it varies on clothing to clothing) 

  • Models who buy clothing at conventions or on discount that are not entitled to a 15% refund back but still want to send photos, will have an extra name put into the giveaway raffle in july as well as models who just do not want a discount back (We appreciate the support!) 

  • Models will be credited on the item listing they are modeling, credited/shared on our social media and credited as much as possible on our website (banners excluded)

  • NEW! Models will have their own album on our Facebook page and their own blurb on our website if they've modeled more then 5 items for us. (will be fulfilled in early 2021 and on!) 

  • Every July there will be a models only giveaway raffle (so long as there's at least 2-5 models every year to keep it fair) where model's name will be entered into a draw to win an apparel item for free! If the giveaway doesn't run that year, the model's name will be entered into a draw the following year. (If there's enough of a gap in models, then we may just  award the free item to the model who has been helping us out consistently!). 

  • You may use the photos you take for us as prints and sell them all you want! we just appreciate crediting us for the clothing or tagging us

  • More perks may come the more interest we get from this, so stay tuned!


Model Katie
In our Terra FF6 Dress

Terms and Conditions

  • IMPORTANT: if there's a photographer of your work we ask that you provide their details as well. We will try our best to credit them as well. 

  • Photographers: we will try to credit you as much as possible if we are told about you but mainly in the models facebook albums/posts on social media. 

  • You must tell any outside photographer you use that the photos are for us to display only or advertising (we will not sell them) so that if they have any issues or crediting requirements we can discuss with the photographer please! 

  • If you bought your apparel item at a convention or on a discount 15% or more, you are not applicable for the model partial refund back BUT your name will still be entered into the raffle held in July provided we get photos back from you within a year from the date you purchased the items.

  • If you choose to not receive a discount back and are simply donating your photos to us your name will be posted twice into the raffle. 

  • 15% discount applies to your total items modeled excluding shipping but your name will only be entered into the raffle once.

  • Photos MUST BE CLEAR AND NOT PIXELATED. This is extremely important, if you're going to use your phone camera or camera ensure it's good quality and can shoot in HD. We can't accept low resolution files that end up fuzzy or pixelated unfortunately, sorry!

  • Photos must show the garment on you clearly (Try not to have designs covered or tucked in as best as possible) we don't need anything fancy and you can choose to have your face blurred out!

  • If you plan on doing a photoshoot of any kind please contact us first! We want to make sure it'll be photos we can use before you go through too much effort

  • We will not sell prints or make merchandise of your photos, your photos will simply be used in social media, on our website or examples in a portfolio book advertising only.  

  • You may not use the photos of our product to say you can make similar or take commissions on our made items you're modeling

  • If you're unsure of the kinds of photos we require, ask! We have a right to refuse any low quality photos or photos that cut off or not show the product very well at all and not have to give the discount or raffle entry in so please talk to us when in doubt!

  • If we missed crediting you by name, please contact us so we can rectify that! (we might not always directly link but we want to always credit!)

  • While not a requirement, if you do post to social media please tag us! (You do have to send us your photos in though to be considered. Just because you tag us in photos doesn't mean you're entering into this agreement)

If you have any questions at all please email us at and we'd be happy to answer!
Or visit our contact us page and send in a message that way. 

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