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Prop Commission Details

With the satsuki sword/sheath Jeff made for her out of wood

Jeff Anderson is a master level carpenter turned prop maker! Debuting his first handmade props out of wood in 2012!

He started out taking commissions for local conventions for props and have now expanded to getting commissions all over the world!


He has evolved so much from 2012: when he only did wooden props to now doing wooden props, foam props, accessories, 3d printed props and more! 


In total now Jeff has taken on, completed and has had 100% client sanctification on over 150 different props! Ranging from weapons, to armor, to accessories to shields!  

Now Jeff expands his talent into producing not only commissioned props, but prop kits that people can take and finish themselves! 

Jeff loves a good challenge and can make items out of wood, foam, resin, plastic and more! He tries to refrain from using any kind of metal if possible as metal is often banned at most con.

Think of these props as "convention safe" more or less, but it's always good to let Jeff know what convention you're going to to make sure it's going to adhere to the weapon's policy. (Some cons have different restrictions then others, always good to check their weapon's policy before commissioning!)

Jeff will book 4-8 fully finished props a month so as not to overload himself and produce quality work. It's best if you're interested in a commission to contact at least 6-10 months in advance of your need date! 

At the bottom of this page is a form you can fill out to inquire about props!


With the Aranea spear Jeff made for Notkim_cosplay that kudrel borrowed made out of plastic and foam


Alfonse Armor, sword/sheath and shield Jeff made out of various materials


Cloud Strife Advent Children Sword Jeff made out of Foam/plastic combo


Red Queen Nero Sword kit jeff made that Max finished off

Pricing - Depends on many factors: deadline, materials, complexity, finished or kit, etc! For finished props we just don't have a blanket price bracket for everything due to props varying so much in detail, size, design and so on! This is why we quote and it's best to inquire first! If you let us know your country, we will quote in your currency! (however, only accept USD/CDN currency, but paypal makes that easy and converts for you when you pay!)

Shipping - We use Canadapost for Canadian or international prop commissions, and UPS for USA. We are willing to use Fed Ex or USPS but they may be more expensive. Shipping can be expensive on props going to other countries besides Canada/USA so please consider this when inquiring. 


Payment -  We take paypal mostly for prop commissions but can also do so on this estore or on etsy! We can also take commissions/payment in person at conventions as well. (which we take cash, debt or credit!)


Free Delivery - We offer free delivery to conventions we are attending for props so long as we haven't been booked up! For Anime North Toronto especially, we tend to book up almost 5 months in advance of the convention date so best to inquire about our services sooner! 


If all of this sounds like you'd like to inquire about commissioning Jeff or learning about his availability for prop commissions, please fill out the form below these few more prop photo examples!


Yuffie Shuriken
FF7: Advent Children


Lunafreya Trident
Final Fantasy 15


Qrow Sword


Legend of Zelda
Master sword, sheath and
hyrule shield

Visit our Facebook album page for more prop examples and photos. You can also request a quote there by PMing the page.

Or email us at 

Quote Form for Props

Thank you for submitting your quote inquiry!
You will be replied too in 3-10 business days to your email provided unless this has nothing to do with a prop quote.

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