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What are the payment options?

We accept the following forms of payment: 

  • Debit/Credit (both online and in person)

  • Cash (in person at shows only or upon pick up of a delivered item though you must've already paid half of the item price in order for this to be an option)

  • Paypal 

  • e-transfer - canadian buyers only (invoices will be provided and buyer protection insured by us)

We do not accept the following forms of payment:

  • paper cheque/checks

  • money loan places like western union,  cash 4 you, stuff like that

  • Cash mailed too us

  • Venmo or other services with no protection

Do you accept payment plans?

The short answer is, yes we do! but there's conditions that follow

On purchases of clothing, charms, stickers, jewellery, etc 100$ cdn or more:

  • 50% up front, 50% within 1-2 months of first payment - items will not be started until full payment is received and cannot be cancelled for a refund.

On purchases of prop kits:

  • you may pay 50% up front, and 50%  upon completion of the 3d modeling portion for brand new prop kits only (ones we haven't modeled before). 

  • Pre-designed or pre-made prop kits - we are flexible on payment plans for these, however, will not start printing until full cost (less shipping) is paid for and they cannot be cancelled for a refund. 

On commissioned props, accessories, cosplay related merch that isn't clothing: 

  • you must pay a non-refundable 25% deposit up front to hold your spot and deadline. Then another 25% is due before we start and is also non refundable. Finally the remainder can be paid off as you see fit so long as it's fully paid off when it's completed and before we ship. We may also require full payment upfront before working on a commissioned item on the odd occassion.

  • We can offer as low as 15% deposit if the items ordered will be over 1000$ cdn however 50% is still due in total before we start. 

The 50% deposit or less is always non-refundable in every condition no matter the reason client has for cancellation as this is always for materials and they would be gathered the second 50% had been paid. Deposits cannot be applied to future commissions, props, etc if you choose to cancel for any reason due to them again, being for materials of that specific piece unless the materials can be salvaged (this is very rare and case by case basis only). 

The only exception to this is if we miss the pick up or deadline of said item. Deadlines must be discussed and agreed before payment received. If deadlines are extended or dates pushed back, the new deadline/date will be the applicable one. Please see our cancellation policy for further details on deadlines.

If your deadline is not firm we may discuss with you extending it or if your events are cancelled and there's no rush we may take our time. On these conditions you don't have to pay more then 50% until you see the commission is done so long as you have no firm deadlines or committments. 

Do you sell gift cards?

Not at present no, but if this is something that'd interest you please email us at or use the "contact us" page and it might be something we can make available!

What is your return policy?

We do not offer a return or exchange on our product that follows as it's custom made at time of order:

  • Clothing/Apparel 

  • Commissions (something made specifically for you we haven't made before) 

  • Props

  • Prop kits

  • Jewellery or accessories

  • Plushies

  • 2D art or digital files of any kind

We do offer returns or exchanges on the following:

  • acrylic plastic charms

  • stickers 

  • metal pins

But only under the following conditions:

  • if it's damaged or defective and we're notified within 72 hours of customer receiving the item.

  • we will not accept returns to us without communication. any product returned to us without communication and an agreement arranged will not be refunded or exchanged and client will have to repay shipping to get it back.

  • If it's simply to exchange the charm for another, or sticker for another, customer must pay return shipping and the shipping cost of the new item back to them(and must contact us first to ensure what they wish to exchange it for is in stock).

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy differs depending on the item!

On clothing/apparel (that is not commissioning a new design):

  • Within 48 hours after purchase has been made. After that the garment is being processed and cannot be cancelled or refunded. 

On anything commissioned (ie: custom designs, custom props, finished props, prop kits, something we haven't made yet or are doing specifically for you):

  • You cannot cancel for a refund once you have paid even just a deposit. You can cancel up until you send the first payment, even if it falls into our payment plan options, however, as soon as you pay, those payments are non refundable. If you do decide to cancel, you will not be entitled to your money back as long as it's 50% or less.

  • If you do cancel you will not be refunded your money and it cannot be transferred to another product or service as what you paid goes specifically to the custom nature of the commission. (unless materials can be used for the other product but this is a case by case situation and must be discussed with us.)

  • If you have paid more then 50% and the commission has not been started or worked on, you can cancel and get whatever above 50% you have paid returned too you. (ONLY if you cancel before the month your project will be worked on). 

On stickers, charms or anything in stock (it will clearly say it's in stock and not being made to order in the items description):

  • Within 24 hours after purchase has been made only. 

Anything purchased in person at a convention:

  • No returns, exchanges or refunds. all sales final at conventions, or delivery in person. 

All items can be cancelled before money is exchanged. Once money has been paid, the above conditions apply. Please contact us with any concerns. 

Please note: deadlines that are given after the wait period (24 hours, or 48 hours or right at time of purchase) may not be able to be honored and will not be allowed to be cancelled after the fact if we were not properly notified before these time periods. PLEASE SPECIFY YOUR DEADLINE BEFORE YOU ORDER ANYTHING. To avoid this potential issue. 


Deadlines are only guaranteed if it meets the above conditions and money has been paid and we have personally agreed too it. No deposits paid means the deadline is not guaranteed and slots might fill (especially on custom order stuff) so it's important to pay immediately after deadline's have been discussed and guaranteed. 

We cannot honor deadlines I did not know about, especially after the ability to cancel period is over. It is extremely important that you discuss any and all deadlines with us in advance, it's the best way for them to occur or be cancelled before money is exchanged. 

We are not responsible for missing deadlines if:

  • you did not notify us before your time to cancel is over (48 hours or less from time of purchase or 24 hours on in stock items or after payment for custom items)

  • you did not pay within 1-3 weeks of a commission quoted on and deadline promised with the deposit agreed upon. 

  •  If your payments are not up to date and timely for any payment plan orders (ie: we do not get the 50% when we tell you we need it by, poor communication with us, irregular payments, etc)

  • If you got a deadline at a convention guaranteed in person (only applicable when we are selling at conventions/shows) but did not pay for it then or within 1-2 weeks of that convention then we do not guarantee that deadline is available. 

  • If some world disaster is occurring potentially slowing down ship times, or issues with your Country's postal system, or shipping in general as we are not the ones physically bringing it too you, that service is

  • If it's held up by customs, you haven't paid custom charges if applicable or any delays with crossing the border for international shipments. 

  • If the convention we were supposed to meet at gets cancelled outside OUR control (if we cancel our appearance, shipping will be arranged)

  • If you didn't pay for tracked shipping on the item. 

Please ask us for further clarification on deadlines if you have further questions 

My item was damaged or broken?

Please contact us within 72 hours of receiving your item if it is damaged or broken with photos. After 72 hours since being delivered it is within your care and responsibility. 

In person pick up: please investigate your in person pick up or purchases right then. After you walk away with it we are not responsible for damages, broken parts or anything else that may constituent an exchange or refund scenario. 

If item was broken in your care (which is after you pick it up in person or after it's been marked delivered after 72 hours) you may contact us for advice and if it's fixable. Their may be a cost associated with if we have to do any of the repairs. It's imperative you contact us right away though

What are your make or shipping times?

This can vary so much between when you ordered an item, to what type of item it is, to it's custom or non custom nature, and so on. There's too many variables to give a blanket statement. 

Please refer to the item's listing for a rough estimate on "make time" and a rough estimate on "Ship time". 

For anything custom made, we will tell you during the back and forth process. 

I never received my item?

Please contact us right away if it's been awhile and you never received your item. Only tracked and insured items can be replaced, re-shipped if lost, on circumstances etc. Non tracked items are not insured but please still contact us if you haven't gotten it. 

Note: items that are marked delivered on tracking that you still didn't receive may be difficult to file a claim. We are not responsible for shipping or them being delivered, that is the shipping companies responsibility so please be understanding if we cannot get a viable solution for you. We must defer to their shipping policies and most have a clause if it's been delivered and the address is proper, they are not responsible. So keep an eye on your tracking and mailbox especially if you have a public one, or theft is high in your area!

If you do not select tracked shipping you assume responsibility if the package never arrives. We take photos of all our non tracked packages we can show you with the date it was shipped by on it, but other than that please select and upgrade to tracking if you're worried about your packages arriving safely. (UNTRACKED PACKAGES DEADLINES WILL NOT BE GUARANTEED)

I have a request for...?

While we appreciate ideas on what you think we should make, we may not make them or get to them at all unless you pay for it in a form of a commission. 

Please do not ask us for free product, free commissions, free services. We are a small business and not a big box chain and cannot afford to be giving away free stuff. This business puts food on our tables so please respect that.

While we welcome requests, suggestions on what we should make, etc we are under no obligation to fulfill it unless you're a commissioner and have paid us to do so. Just because you suggest something doesn't make it "your idea" and the sole owner to that idea if we move forward with it. We will not pay or compensate you for an "idea" suggested too us we may or may not see.


If you want to collaborate on something that is different but we will not "give you free product to model, promote," or any other "exposure like" requests. Those are not collaborations.   

Do you offer collaboration of any kind?

It entirely depends on what that collaboration entails!

if there's no exchange of money going on or is in some way an exposure deal it is a very hard no. Those are not collaborations we are looking to make.

If it's looking to make a clothing design, that we design your logo for your business, that you finish the prop kits we sell and re-sell your finished copies, stuff like that please by all means contact us! 

We are even open to collaborations with other full time cosplay businesses or talented cosplayers who want to work on something together (you make the cosplay, we make the prop) endeavours like that definitely send us a message! 

For Models, please read the "you'd like to model?" button in the bottom header or in our facebook pages notes section for details on how to go about this.  (modeling doesn't get you free product but it can get you money returned provided you fulfill the conditions). 

Do your items come into contact with pets? Or contain X ingredient?

Some of our product might come into contact with cats or dogs as we have those at home and operate from home.


If you have any allergies at all please contact us first before purchasing. It's better to be safe then sorry! Always ask first, asking us after the fact and then trying to cancel will not work. 

I saw this item of yours on "pinterest, former estore" etc and can't find it? Is it still available?

It honestly depends on the item! While we try to keep this page mostly populated with everything we can offer, we do on occasion discontinue designs/product/etc from our stores and pages. If you don't see it anywhere on this website, contact us by email with the description or images and we can see if it's something we can still do!

PLEASE BE SERIOUS ABOUT WANTING THE ITEM THOUGH. Sometimes we get people inquiring where an item went then ghost or never come back for it. Please be considerate of our time. 

Also please note: our estores on etsy do not have all our items and actually cycle in and out regularly due to listing fees costing money there. 

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