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Eevee Evolutions Pokemon Earrings UmbreonJolteon Glaceon Leafeon Vaporeon Espeon

Eevee Evolutions Pokemon Earrings UmbreonJolteon Glaceon Leafeon Vaporeon Espeon

cute handmade earrings of the eevee evolutions! (espeon appearance has been updated, looks more like the head of an espeon then presently pictured!)

These are handmade out of clay and quite fragile with the tail dangles so please be careful

Umbreon earrings, Espeon earrings, Jolteon Earrings, Flareon Earrings, Vaporeon Earrings, Eevee Earrings, Leafeon Earrings, Glaceon Earrings, Sylveon Earrings 

All earrings are coated to be glossy and shiny! Choose between regular eevee evolutions OR there shiny version counter parts!

Bundle and save!
(will partially refund you after order)

  • order 3 pairs of earrings and save 10% 
  • order 5 pairs of earrings and save 15%
  • order 9 pairs of earrings (the whole set) and save 25%


- Best seller ribbons are given to items that have sold at least 10 units in the last year. 
- Best seller ribbons are reviewed in january of every year on how sales did the previous year and we count sales on any of our estores, in person or paypal! If they reached 10 or more, they get a best seller ribbon! 

  • Materials

    body/tail are made of clay

    ear attachments are made out of the following:

    • sterling silver earwire (nickel free)
    • stainless steel black earwire (nickel/lead free)
    • clip on (has nickel on it)

    rubber clutch for the earwire versions is also included to help keep earrings in place. 

  • handmade

    each pair of earrings are handmade and may look slightly different then the imagery posted or the pair may not look entirely 100% identical. This is due to them made by hand in house, and vary slightly. 

    Earrings are made in a pet friendly home. If you have allergies, please contact me before ordering

    I recommend ordering the stainless steel or clip ons if your ears are sensitive. We try and ensure all sterling silver is good, but some grading of sterling silver earwires are better then others


  • packaging

    All jewellery is shipped in a box and within a bubble mailer for added protection.

  • If ordered with another item

    if jewellery are ordered along side the following they'll be shipped together to reduce shipping costs:

    • prop kits
    • stickers, charms, pins
    • in stock clothing
    • necklaces/pendants
    • earrings/ rings 
    • plushies

    If jewellery are ordered with made to order clothing they will be shipped separately as made to order clothing comes straight from the manufacturer to save on shipping costs. 

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