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Mipha Trident Prop | Legend of Zelda BOTW | Prop Kit DIY

Mipha Trident Prop | Legend of Zelda BOTW | Prop Kit DIY

Mipha's beautiful Trident she uses in Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild! 

6'3" - for those who are 6 feet or shorter OR are worried that it'll fit through doorways properly/somewhat
7'3" - for taller folk or those not concerned with doorways as it's closer to how tall her trident actually is

Resin green gems are more accurate in colour then just the regular PLA ones however may have flaws in them just like PLA. If you prefer a smoother gem finish with no lines or airbubbles, pick the PLA ones and sand/smooth them out yourself

This is for a KIT ONLY. Means you are required to sand, glue, fill, paint and seal it yourself. THIS IS NOT A FULLY PAINTED/FINISHED PRODUCT. FINISHED PRODUCT PHOTO IS ONLY THERE SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT IT COULD LOOK LIKE
THIS IS NOT A REAL TRIDENT/STAFF. This is a prop made to resemble a trident/staff. IT DOES NOT FUNCTION OR OPERATE and may not be modified to do so.

USA and Canada shipping comes with Tracking. 
All other countires please PM us for a proper shipping quote to your country for tracking as tracking is NOT included for you! 

We did the 3d modeling of this prop. We also take commissions on other props, 3d modeling pieces for print, and so on! 

We are not offering the model out at this time. You may not recast or make molds of our props.
You may use this prop for cosplay or non commercial purposes only.

  • Refunds, Returns or Exchanges

    Refunds - You have up to 72 hours for prop kits to cancel and get a full refund on your order. After 72 hours we will not accept cancellations and will not refund.

    Refund part 2 - We will only refund at clients request if we fail to print and ship the kit by the desired ship by date. If client still wants the item a partial refund may be given for a delay. 

    We do not accept returns or exchanges on prop kits. They are made to order after time of purchase and custom printed each time. 

    There is no tracking/insurance/protection on prop kits shipped anywhere outside the USA or Canada. You must PM us for a tracking quote with your country and pay more for your shipping if you'd like it insured.  

  • Measurements and Materials

    6'3" - 6 feet, 3 inches roughly from tip to tip
    7'3" - 7 feet, 2 inches roughly from tip to tip

    We print with PLA for all kits so some layer lines or imperfect bits may be present on your kit. 

    We print with whatever colour we have on hand which is generally white or black, but if you prefer a special PLA colour, please contact us before order. 

  • What's included with your kit

    - The pieces to assemble the prop
    - the wooden dowel connectors
    - A DIY guide on how we go about finishing our props (we may send this as a pdf instead of a paper copy, to reduce waste)

    This is NOT for a finished prop and will not come with paint, ribbon, gloss, any of that. You will be required to buy that on your own to finish it. Think of it as a DIY model kit. 

  • Shipping

    We use either Canada post or UPS Shipping

    USA - shipping price comes with tracking
    Canada - shipping price comes with tracking

    Any Other Country - shipping price DOES NOT COME WITH tracking and thus not responsible after it leaves our post office. Please contact us for a shipping quote if you'd like tracking or insurance. 

  • Deadlines

    We do not guarantee deadlines we do not know about. If you have a specific date you need this item by CONTACT US FIRST to know if it's possible or not. 

    Prop kits are non refundable after purchase and cannot be cancelled after 72 hours  so telling us of a deadline after you order will not be guaranteed. 

    You can email us at or use the contact us form on our page to inquire about any deadlines you may have

  • Kits Production Time

    Kits still need to be printed although they are already 3d modeled and broken up for printing.

    Please give us 2-4 weeks from the time of your purchase to print and ship your kit. If you need it sooner, please contact us about our rush printing services

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